Ranch Is Morus together with modern stylish, laidback and comfortable Yachts will glide you past and along beautiful crystal white sandy beaches, with an amazing backdrops of stunning dark green Mediterranean Slopes, Valleys and Mountains, through or past living Archaeological remains, like the Old Roman Ruins of Nora. Out and along past hidden local Fisher-men's Coves. In Sardinia’s dreamlike crystal clear emerald green water buzzing with vibrant Marine Life whilst gliding along by the sides of intriguingly natural Volcanic Cliffs and Coastline. Indulging and relaxing all your senses within a blink.. Pause for a while, or spend an entire day on one of our many tiny off shore Islands or Coves, decked with fine crystal-clear white sandy beaches. Mmm!! As yet another beautiful day in Paradise slips by. Ranch Is Morus offers such experiences, individually, in couples or groups, your small fee is all you need to join us. However if you so wish, why not hire a vessel along with her Crew for you and yours alone?


Ranch Is Morus di Stefano Garau - s.s. 195 km. 31,200 S.Margherita di Pula (Ca)
Tel +39 - Fax +39 - Cell +39 333.2438791 +39 333.2504556