The Natural Heritage of the Sardinian Island has labelled it Natives as Ancient Craftsmen, which, even today is still evident in almost all of our traditional exhibitions, being mainly that of the customs and costumes of our daily lifestyles. Amongst these arts and crafts which has been passed down from family to family through the ages and are still practised today is that of our traditional tissues. A special type of handicraft using ancient tools, methods and raw materials for our modern-day carpets which were originally used only for decorative pieces of tissues to cover huge ancient wooden 'box-type-trunks', a unique and exquisitely decorative piece of handicraft. Along with fine pieces of hand-made lace and other fine tissue types. Our then crafts men would forge the raw-iron into Horse’s bits, blades, knives, needles etc., immersing them in hot olive oil to conclude and secure their creation. Not to mention Sardinia’s exquisite River Cane Baskets used as utensils for either by or Fisher Folks or Farmers. Not to mention the prestigious wood carvings and pieces of Furniture constructed from unique Mediterranean Plants such as 'Corbezzolo' (Tree Strawberry Tree) and Ginepro (Mediterranean Shrub) The famous 'Torronaio' (Tuna Fishermen), Potters, Black Smiths and Jewellery Makers. Not to mention our 'Launeddas su Sulittu' (Sardinian Bag-Pipe) 'Organetto' and the 'l'erbegofono' these are instruments constructed from special sections of Sheep's Stomach. Thanks to our Fore-Fathers we are the modern-day Spectacle e and Artists awaiting your eyes and scenes here at Ranch Is Morus.


Ranch Is Morus di Stefano Garau - s.s. 195 km. 31,200 S.Margherita di Pula (Ca)
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