One of the latest offers we have for our Tourists. Is the outstandingly exciting yet quite dangerous, and at the same time the most entertaining performances on Horseback. A spectacular performed by both Horse and its Rider both dressed in decorative and colourful traditional costumes, as they gallop around the course at the speed of light. One of the favourites is, a single Jockey performing acrobatically displays on two horses galloping around the course. Yet another marvellous sight to behold is that of the traditional pyramid display, which is that of several Jockey’s forming the pyramid tower on a couple of Horses’ ad they go gallivanting around the course. Not to mention the added Rodeo style Horsemanship. Combining these activities with a Traditional "Is Arrostidoris" which is a traditional Campidanese open BBQ, where, whilst the meat is being roasted on huge spits, the background is beautifully and colourfully decorated with both men women dressed in their Traditional Costumes, mustering around in various activities and recreating an ancient scene typical of the Campidanese period where one was likely to find the Men Folk working with Wood or Raw-Iron-Ore, and the Womenfolk preparing and cooking fresh pasta, or traditional delicacies, all of which is then laid out on Ranch Is Morus'sumptuous banquet tables to be enjoyed with leisure, whilst these rather decorative Islanders performs an array of traditional Country Dances, Songs and Music over lunch or dinner, where, after a glass or two both guest and performers alike mingle together in a banquet of a lifetime. Alternatively, at Ranch Is Morus, in stead of the traditional Campidanese open BBQ we can also offer a "Wine Tasting" session where the banquet tables are decorated with a sumptuous cold buffet of an array of traditional yummiest along with the best wines Sardinia has to offer straight form the antique barrels.


Ranch Is Morus di Stefano Garau - s.s. 195 km. 31,200 S.Margherita di Pula (Ca)
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