An all time favourite and one of the most interesting activities we offer at Ranch Is Morus, is Wine Tasting. Here our guests have the opportunity of tasting the best some of the best wines produced here in Sardinia. Red Wine, Rose and White Wine. During this rather unique occasion our gusts also have the privilege of tasting some of the Sardinian Culinary arts, such “Pane Carasau” with fresh Tomatoes and Basil, our exceptional Sardinian Salami, Smoked and Ham and a variety of Cheeses. If so desired one can also combine The Wine Tasting Session with one of our Ranch Is Morus Jeep Excursions, where one can savour not only the Sardinian Wine and Cold cuts, but the hidden specialities and unique sensations and perfumes and colours of the Sardinian Woods.


Ranch Is Morus di Stefano Garau - s.s. 195 km. 31,200 S.Margherita di Pula (Ca)
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