Ranch Is Morus, is the ideal location for those wishing to discover the real traditional flavour and taste of this exquisitely Ancient Mediterranean Island’s traditional succulent antique dishes with it’s distinctive flavours right through from the ‘Adurves’ (appetisers) with It’s full earthy flavoured cold cuts (‘salumi’) to it’s mouth-watering Campidanesi first courses. >>
The Natural Heritage of the Sardinian Island has labelled it Natives as Ancient Craftsmen, which, even today is still evident in almost all of our traditional exhibitions, being mainly that of the customs and costumes of our daily lifestyles. Amongst these arts and crafts which has been passed down from family to family through the ages and are still practised today is that of our traditional tissues. >>
An all time favourite and one of the most interesting activities we offer at Ranch Is Morus, is Wine Tasting. Here our guests have the opportunity of tasting the best some of the best wines produced here in Sardinia. Red Wine, Rose and White Wine. >>
One of the latest offers we have for our Tourists. Is the outstandingly exciting yet quite dangerous, and at the same time the most entertaining performances on Horseback. A spectacular performed by both Horse and its Rider both dressed in decorative and colourful traditional costumes, as they gallop around the course at the speed of light. >>

Ranch Is Morus di Stefano Garau - s.s. 195 km. 31,200 S.Margherita di Pula (Ca)
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